Mar 012012

On the last day of a very successful Phenotype RCN meeting at Nescent last week , we held an impromptu session on OBO to OWL mappings.  This was based on the a recent workshop run for GO curators by myself (David Osumi-Sutherland), Chris Mungall,  Simon Jupp and Jane Lomax.  By popular demand, I’ve posted my slides on slideshare.

The original workshop also included an intro to Protégé 4 by Simon Jupp [warning: word doc] as well as a set of problem solving exercises consisting of a set of folders each featuring one or more test ontologies and a README with instructions. For best results, you should checkout the whole repository of exercises using an svn client: svn checkout obo2owl_tut_read_only
Details of the software required for these exercises can be found at