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 Postdoctoral fellow: Bioinformatics, Phenotypes

We are recruiting a postdoc with training in bioinformatics who is interested in studying phenotypic evolution by combining model organism genetic data with comparative anatomical data from throughout the vertebrates.  One of the biggest challenges in systems biology is the inclusion of whole organism phenotypes.  In the Phenoscape group, we have developed ontology-based methods for representing phenotypes of diverse species in order to integrate them with model organism developmental and genetic data. We have collected these data in a sophisticated Knowledgebase, which has an initial focus on the diversity of phenotypes in ostariophysan fish, including zebrafish (kb.phenoscape.org). We are currently scaling up our approach to the vertebrates as a whole, with a goal of allowing similarities to be identified between phenotypes from sources as diverse as dinosaur fossils and mouse knockout mutants.

We invite postdoctoral applicants to propose an independent project that uses the Phenoscape Knowledgebase as a research platform.  In particular, we are interested in projects that will leverage functional genomic data to study the evolution of whole-organism phenotype in nonmodel organisms.  Projects may range from primarily computational to primarily biological.

The postdoc will work under the direction of Paula Mabee (University of South Dakota) and Todd Vision (University of North Carolina), as part of a distributed, multidisciplinary team that includes evolutionary biologists, computer scientists, model organism experts, and bioinformaticists.   It will be based in South Dakota, with opportunities to travel to other sites, including the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent), the University of Chicago, and the California Academy of Sciences.

Starting date: This two year postdoctoral position is available to be filled immediately.

Required qualifications:

  • Ph.D. degree with strong background in bioinformatics;
  • Preferred previous experience in one of the following: ontologies, functional genomics, developmental biology
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a team setting
  • Demonstrated communication and writing skills, in English

How to apply: Please contact Dr. Mabee (pmabee@usd.edu) for inquiries. Applications should be directed to Dr. Mabee and include a cover letter, CV, a brief statement detailing your research interests and career goals, and three letters of reference.  For more information, please see https://phenoscape.org and http://kb.phenoscape.org/.

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