Aug 182016

Suzanna Lewis recently attended Phenoday 2016 ( and other phenotype-related sessions at the Bio-Ontologies SIG ( at ISMB 2016, held 8-12 July 2016 in Orlando, FL. 

Talks of special interest at Phenoday included Melissa Haendel on adding natural language synonyms for medical terms in the HPO, Wendy Chapman on the definition of “cough” (knowledge representation to support phenotyping from text), and Chris Mungall on a Bayesian approach to ontology structure inference with applications to the Disease Ontology (being in Orlando he used Mickey Mouse to illustrate his points on phenotyping, e.g., HP_0100024 is a conspicuously happy disposition associated with a chromosome 15q24 deletion, and MP_0001284 is absent vibrissae (aka no whiskers)). 

Although Phenoday focused mostly on human health related phenotypes, related sessions during Bio-Ontologies SIG covered applications to other species. Seth Carbon described the Noctua annotation tool, which has a web-based configuration for associating genotypes to phenotypes, essentially a web-based reincarnation of Phenote. Chris Mungall also spoke in this session, this time on PhenoPackets and proposed data exchange standards for phenotype data. 

David Osumi-Sutherland (along with Owen Randlett and Paul Sternberg) organized a workshop at the The Allied Genetics2016 Conference on Informatics Resources to Aid the Genetic Dissection of Neural Circuitry. While the name of the workshop doesn’t mention phenotypes it certainly was an integral part of what is needed for this work. The workshop was a showcase of carefully detailed work in worm, zebrafish, and fly brains and circuits.

Contact Suzi is you would like more information about these conferences.

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