Sep 262016

The Phenotype RCN is wrapping up after five years of innovation and community-building. So many great ideas have come out of this community that we’ve been asked to produce a book called Application of Semantic Technologies in Biodiversity Science that showcases the state-of-the-art in semantics for biodiversity, phylogeny, phenotypes, environments, and genomes. Would you like to participate? Please send your chapter idea described as a single paragraph and a list of potential co-authors to Anne Thessen via email Anne will be editing the book to be published by IOS Press in Berlin as a part of a Semantic Web series edited by Pascal Hitzler. If you were at the 2016 Phenotype RCN meeting at Biosphere 2, you met him there. We need to get busy on the book, so please submit your chapter ideas within two weeks (by Oct 5).

This book will be an excellent product of the RCN and a great way to synthesize all the great ideas everyone has had over the years.

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