RCN Meeting, 25-27 February 2013


The 2013 RCN Summit meeting took place Monday, Feb. 25 through Wednesday, Feb. 27 (noon) at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center, Durham, NC. This was preceded by a Behavior Workshop on Sunday, Feb. 24.

RCN Meeting Agenda (pdf)

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Workshop information

The overall goal of the RCN Annual Summit meeting was to introduce and establish communication and collaboration among scientists from different research backgrounds. The two primary themes for this meeting were the use of text mining phenotypes and representing behavior in ontologies. The use of text mining is of important wherever there is a lot of information locked up in written material, including an enormous amount of phenotypic information. We had around ten text-mining experts with a broad range of expertise attending this meeting, and participants had many opportunities to interact with them and possibly build proposals. A small behavior group was funded by the RCN to meet the day preceding the annual meeting.


Talks and notes

Introduction to the Annual Meeting (Paula Mabee)

The real-world of ontologies and phenotype representation (Maryann Martone)

Introduction to Natural Language Processing (NLP) (Heiko Dietze)

Experiences from BioCreative (Martin Krallinger)

Global access to knowledge about life on Earth (Christine Wall)

Natural language processing:

  • Jamie Taylor (Google)


RCN Meeting notes (pdf)