RCN Meeting 2016



The fifth and final summit meeting of the Phenotype RCN was held February 26-28, 2016 at the Biosphere 2 facility near Tucson, AZ. The theme was “Data Integration”. Like all previous summit meetings our overarching goal was to introduce scientists from different research backgrounds and establish communication among them. Our activities focused on (1) articulating the challenges to data integration,  (2) proposing collaborative efforts to surmount these challenges, (3) drawing students and early career scientists into this process, and, given the participation of FuturePhy in our meeting, (4) articulate ideas for the future of phenotype data and phylogenies. The agenda is available as a Google doc – http://bit.ly/2016PhenoRCN – and links to slideshows can be found below.


Mark WestneatFuturePhy challenge: Data integration and future phylogenetics (.pptx; 1 MB)

Melissa HaendelOntologies and data annotation (Google Slides)

Jim BalhoffData aggregation: Use of ontologies in phylogenetic matrix building (PDF; 5 MB)

Martín RamírezData visualization: Painting interactions of phenotype ontologies with phylogenies (PDF; 4 MB)

Robert DruzinskyData discovery: Using ontologies to find information: Mammalian Feeding Ontology, the FEED Project, and Textpresso (.pptx; 7 MB)

Ramona WallsData integration: Phenotype-gene integration in plant databases (.pptx; 19 MB)

Pier Luigi ButtigiegData integration: Bringing environmental semantics closer to organismal phenotypes through habitats and global biogeographic regions

Nico Cellinese & Hilmar LappIntegration challenges: Phenotype integration relevant to taxonomic data (PDF; 14 MB)

Anne ThessenIntegration challenges: Challenges integrating environment & phenotype (.key; 6 MB)

Wasila DahdulIntegration challenges: integrating phylogenetic and phenotypic data (.pptx; 7 MB)

Todd VisionData analysis: Semantic similarity of genes and taxa (PDF; 14 MB)

Karen SearsData exploration: Developmental modules and phenotype ontologies

Nico Franz – Representing taxonomy and phylogeny as logically tractable variables (.pptx; 13.4 MB)

Paula Mabee & Joe MillerNSF funding opportunities (.pptx; 33 MB)


FuturePhy workshop ideas (Google Doc)