Interested in doing cross-species phenotype comparisons?  Working on an anatomy or phenotypic trait ontology that would benefit from a broader taxonomic scope?  Send us a message and we’ll add you to the initial list of participants below and to the mailing list for announcements (1-2 messages per month).  You can also subscribe to the blog (right-hand side of the home page) and be notified when new posts are made.

Participant Email Expertise/Working Group Affiliation
Mabee, Paula
pmabee [at] Morphology, vertebrates, Phenoscape University of South Dakota
Deans, Andy
adeans [at] Arthropods, Hymenoptera, morphology, insects Penn State University
Huala, Eva
huala [at] Plants, The Arabidopsis Information Resource Carnegie Institution for Science
Lewis, Suzanna
selewis [at] Ontologies, FlyBase Berkeley Bioinformatics and Ontology Project
Haendel, Melissa
Advisory Board
haendel [at] Biomedical resource and phenotype ontologies; information sciences Oregon Health & Science University
Westerfield, Monte
Advisory Board
monte [at] Vertebrates, Zebrafish Information Network (ZFIN) Institute of Neuroscience, University of Oregon
Macklin, Jim
Advisory Board
james.macklin [at] Biodiversity data integration, natural science collection information Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC)
Martone, Maryann
Advisory Board
maryann [at] Neuroscience Information Framework, NIF ontologies University of California – San Diego
Extavour, Cassandra
Advisory Board
extavour [at] PI, EDEN (Evo-Devo-Eco) RCN Harvard University
Adams, Dean dcadams [at] Amphibians, morphology, evolution of multivariate phenotype Iowa State University – Lab page
Adamusiak, Tomasz Functional genomics
Ananiadou, Sophia sophia.ananiadou [at] Biomedical text mining, NaCTeM University of Manchester
Andrew, Rose roselorien [at] Plants Dept. of Botany and Biodiversity Research Centre, University of British Columbia
Antezana, Erick erick.antezana [at] Plant traits; bio-ontologies Bayer CropScience N.V.
Anzaldo, Sal sanzaldo [at] Arthropods Arizona State University
Arce, Mariangeles m.arce [at] The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University
Armbruster, Jonathan armbrjw [at] Fish morphology, All Cypriniformes Species Inventory Auburn University – Lab page
Arnaud, Elizabeth e.arnaud [at] Crop Ontology from the Generation Challenge Programme Bioversity International
Arnold, Betsy barnoldaz [a]   Arizona State University
Arratia, Gloria garratia [at] Morphology, Development, and Evolutionary morphology of fossil and extant fishes Biodiversity Research Center, University of Kansas
Ashburner, Michael ma11 [at] Arthropods, ontologies, morphology, insects, FlyBase Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge, UK
Azam, Gausul md.azam [at] Shoot and root phenotyping under abiotic stress University of Adelaide
Babka, Heather hbabka [at] Iowa State University
Baerenfaller, Katja kbaerenfaller [at] Plant Biotechnology ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Baldock, Richard Richard.Baldock [at] Atlas-based data and databases, in situ gene-expression, spatio-temporal data mapping, automated image analysis, large scale spatial-mapped bionformatics; mouse human, chick and zebrafish e-Mouse Atlas
Balhoff, Jim balhoff [at] NESCent, Durham
Bandrowski, Anita abandrowski [at] NIFSTD ontologies NueroLex
Bastian, Frederic frederic.bastian [at] Vertebrate multispecies anatomy ontology; compare gene expression patterns between animal species Bgee
Bastow, Ruth ruth [at] Arabidopsis GARNet Coordinator
Beach, James beach [at] Databases, computational web services, interdisciplinary integration Biodiversity Institute, University of Kansas
Specify Software
Beck, Tim tb143 [at] Phenotype ontologies applied to human data; mammalian comparisons University of Leicester, UK
Bell, Michael A. mabell [at] Evolution of armor and other phenotypes in the Threespine Stickleback; paleontology, population differentiation, and evolutionary, developmental and population genetics Dept. of Ecology and Evolution at Stony Brook – Lab page
Bell, Shannon bellsha1 [at] Plants Michigan State University
Bello, Sue smb [at] Alleles & Phenotypes group; Mouse Genome Informatics database MGI
Berger, Bettina bettina.berger [at] Postdoc at the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility; whole plant phenotyping, image and data analysis and annotation Plant Accelerator
Beynon, Jim jim.beynon [at] Plant pathogen interactions; systems biology Warwick Systems Biology and School of Life Sciences – Bio
Wellesbourne, Warwick, UK
Bieler, Rudiger rbieler [at] BivAToL
Blackburn, David david.c.blackburn [at] Amphibian anatomy, development; AmphibAnat PI California Academy of Sciences
Blake, Judy judith.blake [at] Vertebrates, Mouse Genome Informatics The Jackson Laboratory
Blank, Carrine carrine.blank [at] University of Montana
Blum, Stan sblum [at] Biodiversity informatics; taxonomic databases, collection databases, image collections, Taxonomic Databases Working Group California Academy of Sciences
Boehme, Ulrike ucb [at] Phenotype curation Sanger Institute
Bono, Bernard de Phenotypic representation of human physiology
Borevitz, Justin borevitz [at] Plants; population structure, adaptation; image analysis University of Chicago
Bouchard, Kris KEBouchard [a]   Berkeley
Bradford, Yvonne ybradford [at] Vertebrates ZFIN, University of Oregon
Brembs, Bjorn bjoern [at] Behavior of genetically modified fruit flies Freie Universität Berlin
Brennan, Jane jane.brennan [at] Gene expression; Ontologies GUDMAP
Brkljacic, Jelena brkljacic.1 [at] Arabidopsis Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center, The Ohio State University, USA
Bruner, John jbruner [at] Fishes University of Alberta – Bio
Brush, Matthew brushm [at] Developing ontologies and standards for best practices in biological and biomedical research Oregon Health & Science University
Bruskiewich, Richard Plants
Buckley, David dbuckley [at] Amphibian anatomy (AmphibAnat curator) Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, CSIC (Madrid, Spain)
Bunker, Dan dbunker [at] Ecologist, setting up EQ-like model with NCEAS New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark
Burger, Albert albert.burger [at] Distributed biomedical systems, ontologies, biomedical atlases
Burgess, Shane Functional modeling resources for agricultural researchers; AgBase University of Arizona
Burgoon, Lyle D. burgoon.lyle [at] NexGen RA; data interoperability; ontology development; knowledge management, mining, and representation; semantic web technologies US Environmental Protection Agency
Burke, Annie acburke [at] EvoDevo of vertebrate musculoskeletal system Wesleyan University
Burleigh, Gordon gburleigh [at] Sponges University of Florida, Gainesville
Buttigieg, Pier Luigi p.buttigieg [at] Environment Ontology
Cannon, Steven steven.cannon [at] Plants USDA Agricultural Research Service
Carvajal-Vallejos, Fernando M. fmcvalle [at] Fishes; comparative morphology Unidad de Limnología y Recursos Acuáticos (ULRA), Bolivia
Cellinese, Nico ncellinese [at] Plant systematists; ontology Nico Cellinese Blog
Chanet, Bruno chanet [at] Fishes; comparative anatomy AcanthoWeb
Chen, Eric echen060 [at] Ontario University of Ottawa
Chiapella, Jorge jorge.chiapella [at] Plants; morphological variation IMBIV-Universidad de Cordoba, Cordoba, Argentina
Chiari, Ylenia yle [at] Evolutionary biology, using amphibians and reptiles as study organisms CIBIO, Vairao, Portugal – Bio
Chibucos, Marcus mchibucos [at] Invertebrates University of Maryland
Clark, Anne aclark [at] Behavioral ecology, evolution of social behavior University at Binghamton – New York
Coddington, Jonathan coddington [at] Arthropods; Spider Tree of Life Entomology, Smithsonian Institution
Collett, Tom T.S.Collett [at] Navigation and visual learning in bumblebees and ants Sussex University
Columb, Julien julien.colomb [at] Behavior Freie Universität Berlin
Cook, Timothy timothywayne.cook [at] Health informatics Timothy Cook – LinkedIn
Cooper, Laurel cooperl [at] Plant ontology; genes, phenotypes Plant Ontology
Cork, John drjohn28 [at] Development and image databases LSU Health Sciences Center
Costa de Oliveira, Antonio acostol [at] Promoter regions of genes related to plant development and abiotic stress responses UFPel
Coulet, Adrien adrien.coulet [at] Phenotype ontologies and their use in knowledge discovery LORIA
University of Nancy, France
Cowell, Lindsay Ontologies University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Cracraft, Joel jlc [at] Avian systematics, reconstructing
the avian Tree of Life
American Museum of Natural History, New York
Crandall, Keith George Washington University
Cronk, Quentin quentin.cronk [at] Plant morphology, evolution and systematics University of British Columbia, Canada
Cui, Hong hong1.cui [at] NLP methods; phenotypes, taxa SIRLS, University of Arizona
Cussac, Victor E. cussacve [at] Fishes; reproductive ecology, life history CONICET
Ćwiek, Hanna hcwi [at] Plant ontologies, bioinformatics Institute of Plant Genetics, Polish Academy of Sciences,
Transplant project
Dahdul, Wasila Wasila.Dahdul [at] Vertebrates; Phenoscape NESCent
Das, Sandip sd66 [at] Molecular basis of morphologcal variation in Brassica
Dececchi, Alex alex.dececchi [at] Fin to limb transitions, dinosaurs University of South Dakota
Deck, John jdeck [at] Informatics UC Berkeley
de Regt, Bas Plant phenomics, image and data analysis, computer vision
del Cerro, Lluís malarmat [at] Fishes; taxonomy
Deluc, Laurent delucl [at] Phenotyping for fruit development and ripening Oregon State University
Denslow, Michael mdenslow [at] Informatics National Ecological Observatory Network
Desjardins, Chris cdesjard [at] Bioinformatics, linking of high-throughput phenotyping and genotyping Broad Institute, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Dettai, Agnes adettai [at] Vertebrates Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris
DeVries, Peter pete.devries [at]
Diaz, Maria Cristina taxochica [at] Sponges Nova South Eastern University
Dietze, Heiko HDietze [at] Software engineering, GO Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA
Diogo, Rui Rui_Diogo [at] Vertebrate anatomy; phenotype ontologies
Di Stilio, Verónica distilio [at] Plant evo-devo University of Washington
Dohms, Kim kim.dohms [at] University of Lethbridge – Bio
DoNascimiento, Carlos cdonascimiento [at] Morphology, Evolution, Systematics, Ichthyology, Vertebrates Universidad de Carabobo
Druzinsky, Robert druzinsk [at] Vertebrates University of Illinois, Chicago
Dworkin, Ian idworkin [at] Michigan State University – Lab
Dyke, Gareth gareth.dyke [at] Avian osteology and development of phylogenetic characters National Oceanography Centre, University of Southampton, UK
Edsinger-Gonzales, Eric 000generic [at] Comparative genomics and development in marine invertebrates University of California at Berkeley
Eilbeck, Karen keilbeck [at] Ontologies and data models for sequence variants University of Utah
Elliott, Steve stephen.elliott [at] Arizona State University
Elsik, Chris Hymenoptera Genome Database, Bovine Genome Database
Eschmeyer, Bill weschmeyer [at] Catalog of Fishes California Academy of Sciences
Escobar, Hugo ehugoe [at] Ichthyology
Essaid, Shahim essaids [at] Ontology development, formal semantics for representing biomedical knowledge and data Oregon Health & Science University – Portland
Faye, Bernard bernard.faye [at] Phenotypes of camels in Saudi Arabia Campus international de Baillarguet, France
Ferdous, Shobnom ferdosh [at]
Fernandes, Pedro pfern [at] Training program in bioinformatics GTPB
Fernando, Pasan Pasan.Fernando [a]   University of South Dakota
Field, Dawn dfield [at] Molecular Evolution and Bioinformatics, Oxfordshire
Fiorani, Fabio f.fiorani [at] Whole plant growth analysis; high-throughput phenotyping; abiotic stress in crops Juelich Plant Phenotyping Center (JPPC) at the Research Center Juelich, Germany
Flatt, Thomas Drosophila Life History Université de Lausanne
Fostel, Jennifer fostel [at] Describing specimens/individuals/populations and their characteristics, qualities and behavior CEBS database, NIEHS
Franz, Nico nico.franz [at] University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez – Lab page
Friedrich, Frank frank.friedrich [at] Arthropods University of Hamburg, Germany
Friesen, Maren maren.l.friesen [at] Ecological genomics, adaptation, coevolution Maren Friesen – OpenWetWare
Gardiner, Jack jack.m.gardiner [at] Curator, plants MaizeGDB
Githinji, Gerald Gikonyo gggikonyo [at] Plants; searching and comparing phenotypes across plant species; working toward Masters in Plant Breeding and Biotechnology Moi University, Chepkoilel Campus, Kenya
Gkoutos, George gg295 [at] Ontologies; PATO
Gleason, Jennifer jgleason [at] Drosophila courtship behavior University of Kansas – Bio
Godden, Grant gt.godden [at] Informatics University of Florida
Goldstein, Adam M. z_californianus-phenotype [at] Ontology, processes of biological evolution, history and philosophy of science Darwin Manuscripts Project, Iona College Department of Philosophy
The Shifting Balance of Factors
Good, Benjamin bgood [at] Crowdsourcing, semantic web, games with a purpose, bioinformatics; Gene Wiki, Scripps College – Claremont, CA
Grand, Anais grandanais [at] Plants MNHN
Grant, David dgrant [at] Soybean phenotype ontology, genomics, genetics; web display of genetics, genomics and related data SoyBase, USDA-ARS and Iowa State University
Grethe, Jeffrey jgrethe [at] Open source information framework pertaining to human neurological disorders co-PI for the Neuroscience Information Framework
Grobe, Peter P.Grobe [at] Arthropods Forschungsmuseum Koening – MorphDBase
Guoqing Lu glu3 [at] Fish taxonomic ontology and bioinformatics University of Nebraska Omaha – Lab page
Haas, Alexander alexander.haas [at] Amphibian anatomy, amphibian larval morphology, muscular system, skeletal system, AmphibAnat, Amphibian Tree of Life, Frogs of Borneo University of Hamburg, Zoological Museum Hamburg
Hagedorn, Gregor g.m.hagedorn [at] Morphological terms for Identification, bringing human and ontology together through semantic media wiki Offene Naturführer
Haiquan Li haiquan [at] Ontology and control vocabulary research UI Chicago
Hall, Brian Brian.Hall [at] Dal.Ca Vertebrates Dalhousie University, Canada
Hancock, John Application of the E+Q approach to the description of mouse phenotypes; linking of phenotype to disease across species
Harper, Lisa lisaharper [at] Plants Iowa State University
Harris, Todd todd [at] Interested in discussion of standards, visualization, and cross-site integration WormBase
Hartman, Harold Harold.Hartman [at] Drug discovery, phenotypes Sanofi
Hassani-Pak, Keywan Bioenergy crops; Functional gene annotation; Text mining for gene-phenotype associations Rothamsted Research
Hastings, Janna hastings [at] ChEBI ontology, Mental Functioning ontology European Bioinformatics Institute – Cambridge
Hayamizu, Terry terryh [at] Gene Expression Database, Mouse Genome Informatics The Jackson Laboratory – MGI
Hayes, Ken khayes [at]
Hazbun, Alexis aljhazb [at] Evo devo, cartilaginous fishes Hollings Marine Laboratory, College of Charleston
Helgen, Kristofer helgenk [at] Mammals, Curator-in-Charge of Mammals at NMNH Smithsonian NMNH Smithsonian – Staff page
Hendrickson, Sher hendricksons [at]
Hennig, Lars lars.hennig [at] Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden
Hilson, Pierre pihil [at] Plants VIB Department of Plant Systems Biology, Ghent University
Hitzler, Pascal pascal.hitzler [at]   Wright State University
Hochheiser, Harry harryh [at] HCI guy, neural crest/facebase University of Pittsburgh
Hoehndorf, Robert rh497 [at] Genetic and physiological basis of behavior; NBO, PhenomeNet Cambridge University
Hogan, William hoganwr [at] Ontology of disease, hypersensitivity, findings, observations, measurements Bill Hogan – Ontolog
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Holder, Mark mtholder [at] Phylogenetic analysis University of Kansas – Lab page
Hu, Jim jimhu [at] Bacteria (esp. E. coli) and bacteriophage, wiki-based annotation EcoliWiki, Texas A&M Univ.
Ibrahim, Nizar nibrahim [at] Vertebrates University of Chicago, Illinois
Hitzler, Pascal pascal.hitzler [at]   Wright State University
Jackson, Laura laura.jackson-2 [at] Southeastern Louisiana University
Jaiswal, Pankaj jaiswalp [at] Plant Ontology Oregon State University
James-Zorn, Christina christina.james_zorn [at] Vertebrates Xenbase, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Ohio
Infante, Carlos infante [at]   Univeristy of Arizona
Johnson, Norm Johnson.2 [at] Evolution of parasitic wasps Ohio State – Columbus
Johnston, Andrew ajohnston [at] Arizona State University
Kalberer, Scott Scott.Kalberer [at] Plants USDA Agricultural Research Service
Kalfatovic, Martin KalfatovicM [at] Automated data extraction, semantic markup of taxonomic literature Smithsonian Institution – Washington, DC
Kalueff, Allan avkalueff [at] Zebrafish behavior ZENEREI Institute – Slidell, LA
Kansa, Eric kansaeric [at] Archeology University of California, Berkeley
Kelley, Dior Developmental Biology, Genetics, Plant Evolution
Kennedy, Gavin gkam08 [at] Project Manager and System Architect for the Phenomics Ontology Driven Data (PODD) repository PODD
Kerner, Adeline kerner [at] Sponges MNHN, Paris, France
Ketterson, Ellen ketterso [at] Phenotypic integration, hormones and behavior, evolutionary ecology Indiana University – Lab page
Khanna, Rajnish Stanford University
Kibbe, Warren wakibbe [at] Disease Ontology, Dictystelium Phenotype Ontology Northwestern University – Bio
Kirchoff, Bruce kirchoff [at] Plants; relation between visual data collection/databasing and ontologies; the limits of verbal description University of North Carolina at Greensboro – Lab page
Klingeberg, Chris cpk [at] Morphometrics and Evodevo University of Manchester – Lab page
Koureas, Dimitris d.koureas [at] Informatics Natural History Museum
Krallinger, Martin mkrallinger [at] Development/evaluation of text mining tools to detect ontology concepts in articles Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) – Madrid
Kuchta, Shawn kuchta [at] Amphibians, odonates, morphometrics Ohio University – Lab page
Kumari, Sunita kumari [at] Gramene and KBase projects Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory / Gramene
Landberg, Tobias tobias.landberg [at] Ontogeny and phenotypic plasticity in amphibians University of Connecticut – Bio
Lapp, Hilmar hlapp [at] Informatics, Phenoscape NESCent
Larsen, Elise ealarsen [at] University of Maryland
Larsson, Hans hans.ce.larsson [at] Vertebrates McGill University, Canada
Lawrence, Carolyn triffid [at] MaizeGDB MaizeGDB
Leontis, Neocles leontis [at] Ontologies; RNA ontology RCN Bowling Green University
Lewis, Sharon sharon.lewis [at] Plant-related ontologies in Crop Protection and Seeds R&D applications Syngenta, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
Li, Donghui donghui [at] TAIR
Liang, Chengzhi Genome annotation; bioinformatics database and software development
Lima, Alexandra allima [at] Herpetology; Morphology; Phylogeny of reptiles. Geometric morphometrics. Statistical Phylogeography. CIBIO
Liu, Jing jingliu5 [at] University of Florida
Londoño-Burbano, Alejandro alondonoburbano [at] Taxonomy and systematics of freshwater fishes
Lopez-Dee, Zenaida zeny_ld2 [at] Plants; phenotype ontologies
Lotfalizadeh, Hossein lotfalizadeh2001 [at] Arthropods
Loudet, Olivier Olivier.Loudet [at] Arabidopsis; Phenoscope automaton INRA Versailles (France) – Lab page
Loureiro, Marcelo marcnagual [at] Phylogeny and morphological evolution of annual fishes Sección Zoología Vertebrados, Museo Nacional de Historia Natural de Montevideo, Uruguay
Lundberg, John G. lundberg [at] Comparative and evolutionary morphology, Systematics, Ichthyology, Vertebrates Academy of Natural Sciences
Catfish Bones
Lyons, Eric elyons.uoa [at] Informatics U. of Arizona
Macklin, James james.macklin [at] Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Maglia, Anne amaglia [at] Program Director in the Division of Biological Infrastructure National Science Foundation – Washington, DC
Malagon, Nicolas nicolasmalagon [at] EDEN
Mallon, Ann-Marie a.mallon [at] Mouse phenotyping EuroPhenome database
Manda, Prashanti manda.prashanti [at] Phenoscape National Evolutionary Synthesis Center – Durham, NC
Marcot, John jmarcot [at]   U Illinois Urbana
Marek, Paul brachoria [at] Animal colors; millipede morphology
Margulis, Sue margulis [at] Social behavior in zoo animals Canisius College – Buffalo, NY
Mast, Austin amast [at] Plants, Morphbank Florida State University
Masznicz, Bogdan bogdan.masznicz [at] Bioinformatics and ontology development focused on plants Plant Accelerator
Matthews, Lisa lmatthews.nyumc [at] Pathway curation
Mattingly, Carolyn cjmattin [at] North Carolina State University
Maxime, Emmanuel emmanuel.maxime [at] Fish evolution, taxonomy University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Mayden, Richard cypriniformes [at] Fish phenotypes; evolution; CToL Saint Louis University
McCarthy, Fiona fionamcc [at] Functional modeling resources for agricultural researchers University of Arizona
McCord, Charlene charlene.l.mccord [at]   University of Chicago
McGregor, Alistair apmcg1 [at] Arthropod evodevo Vetmeduni Vienna – Lab page
McGuffin, Michael michael.mcguffin [at] UI’s for visualizing multidimensional data, trees, and other kinds of data Ecole de technologie superieure (ETS) Montreal, Quebec
McKenzie, Adrienne Mouse phenotyping, making link between phenotypic/genotypic observations in mouse and human
McKown, Athena admckown [at] Postdoc, plants
McLeod, David dsmcleod [at] Amphibian morphology, evolution, and systematics University of Kansas, Lawrence
Meehan, Terry tmeehan [at] Cell ontology; Mammalian phenotype ontology; MGI EMBL-EBI
Meinecke, Helli helli.meinecke [at] Australian Plant Phenomics Facility Plant Accelerator
Meinke, David david.meinke [at] Plants Oklahoma State University
Menda, Naama naama.menda [at] Plant traits; Phenotypes; Solanaceae phenotyping and genotyping; Community annotation Sol Genomics Network
Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research
Merrill, Gary Fundamental concepts and issues in applied ontology
Meyer, Christian cmeyer [at] Arabidopsis high-throughput phenotyping
Midford, Peter pmidford [at] Behavior, arthropods, ontologies, Phenoscape Phenoscape, NESCent
Miko, Istvan istvan.miko [at] Arthropods Penn State University
Mishler, Brent bmishler [at] Systematics, evolution, and ecology of bryophytes; phylogeny of green plants and theory of systematics University of California, Berkeley
Mittelsten Scheid, Ortrun ortrun.mittelsten_scheid [at] Plant epigenetics, polyploidy Gregor Mendel Institute, Vienna, Austria
Moore, Laura lauramooray [at] Botany, plant ontology Oregon State University
Moreno, Adrian a.moreno [at] Plants; Arabidopsis thaliana information to other plant species Universidad Andres Bello
Morris, Robert A. morris.bob [at] Ontology design and management. Data annotation. Descriptive data. Filtered Push
Emeritus Professor of Computer Science, UMASS-Boston
Associate, Harvard University Herbaria
Morrison, Norman morrison [at] Environment Ontology
Mueller, Lukas lam87 [at] Plants, Sol Genomics Network, Solanaceae Phenotype ontology Boyce Thompson Institute, Cornell
Sol Genomics Network
Muller, Bob bmuller [at] Informatics TAIR, Carnegie Institution for Science, Washington, DC
Mungall, Chris cjmungall [at] Ontologies Berkeley Bioinformatics and Ontology Project
Naylor, Gavin gnaylor [at] Comparative anatomy of chondrichthyan fishes
Negre, Vincent vincent.negre [at] Plant phenotyping; database and information systems LEPSE
INRA, Montpellier, France
Nelson, Rex nelsonrt [at] Plant phenotypes
Nordborg, Magnus magnus.nordborg [at] Genetics of complex traits, populations genetics Gregor Mendel Institute
Norris, Francesca f.norris [at] Mouse embryo phenotyping methods UCL Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging
Noutsos, Christos cnoutsos [at] High-throughput Phenotyping Postdoc CSHL
O’Leary, Maureen moleary [at] Vertebrates; Morphobank; Mammal Tree of Life Stony Brook
Oakley, Todd oakley [at] Evolution; morphological and behavioral phenotypes related to light and vision; arthropods; cnidarians; mollusks UC Santa Barbara – Lab page
Oellrich, Anika anika [at] Phenotype ontologies
Olsson, Lennart Lennart.Olsson [at] Vertebrates Friedrich-Schiller-Universität, Jena, Germany
Onda, Hiroaki Hiroaki.Onda [at] Mouse phonotype, text mining Mouse Genome Informatics
Ordano, Mariano mariano.ordano [at] Evolutionary ecology of plant-animal interactions Profesor Titular, Fundación Miguel Lillo, Argentina
Osumi-Sutherland, David djs93 [at] Arthropods, ontologies, morphology, insects, FlyBase Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge, UK
Page, Larry lpage1 [at] Systematics, evolution, and ecology of freshwater fishes Florida Museum of Natural History – Staff page
Parkinson, Helen parkinson [at] Ontologies; Array Express EMBL
Parr, Cyndy parrc [at] Ontologies, EOL; Arthropods; Lepidoptera Tree of Life Smithsonian Institution
Pathak, Dhruba pathakdhruba [at] SNP; genotype-phenotype relation Univerzitet u Beogradu
Patterson, Paddy Informatics
Pauers, Michael J. mjpauers [at] Evolution, behavior, and taxonomy of fishes
Pena, Lourdes lourdes.pena [at] Departments of Computer Science and Biology, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Phadke, Sujal ssphadke [at] University of Houston – Bio
Pinou, Theodora Pinout [at] Snake systematics Western Connecticut State University – Bio
Pommier, Cyril cyril.pommier [at] Plant phenotype and environment database for INRA experiments URGI, INRA, France
Ponferrada, Virgilio Virgilio.Ponferrada [at] Vertebrates Xenbase, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Ohio
Poorter, Hendrik h.poorter [at] Meta-Phenomics: phenome of plants Plant Meta-Phenomics
Research Centre Jülich
Pulikanti, Radhakrishna
Quint, Marcel mquint [at] Plants; auxin response; natural variation; quantitative and evolutionary genetics Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry – Lab page
Raffin, Annie annie.raffin [at] Forest Trees INRA, France
Ramirez, Martin ramirez [at] Arthropods; Spider Tree of Life Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales, Buenos Aires
Rein, Angela arein [at] Botany (ongoing M.S. work on phenotypes)
Reis, Roberto E reis [at] Fish morphology, evolution and phylogeny Laboratório de Sistemática de Vertebrados, PUCRS, Porto Alegre, Brasil
Remsen, Dave dremsen [at] Biodiversity data, vocabularies, and taxonomies Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) – Woods Hole, MA
Renn, Susan renns [at] Reed College, Portland, OR
Rhee, Sue rhee [at] Plants Carnegie Institution for Science
Riccardi, Greg griccardi [at] Informatics, Morphbank Florida State University
Richter, Stefan stefan.richter [at] Arthropods Universitaet Rostock, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Ries, Leslie lries [at] Dissemination and use of data derived from butterfly monitoring groups University of Maryland – College Park
Ringwald, Martin ringwald [at] Anatomical ontologies, Mouse Gene Expression Database (GXD) The Jackson Laboratory
Robbins, Bob rjr8222 [at] Informatics UC San Diego (EAGER: Information Infrastructure for Biodiversity Research)
Robinson, Peter peter.robinson [at] Clinical genetics (primarily pediatric) Institute for Medical Genetics, Germany
Rocca-Serra, Philippe proccaserra [at] University of Oxford
Roessingh, Peter roessingh [at] Insects, Lepidoptera, Sensory physiology IBED, University of Amsterdam
Ronquist, Fred fredrik.ronquist [at] Arthropods, Informatics, Morphbank Swedish Museum of Natural History, Sweden
Ruef, Barbara bjruef [at] Vertebrates ZFIN
Ruffins, Seth sruffins [at] Vertebrates California Institute of Technology, Pasadena
Running, Mark mrunningbio [at] Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, University of Louisville
Rust, Jennifer jrust [at] Biocurator for BioGRID
Sachs, Joel joel.sachs [at]
Schaeffer, Mary schaefferm [at] MaizeGDB Phenotypic Controlled Vocabulary US Department of Agriculture
Schildhauer, Mark schild [at] National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis: NCEAS
Schindelman, Gary garys [at] WormBase
Schneebeli, Kathy Brachypodium/wheat
Schofield, Paul ps [at] Interests: mouse phenotyping, particularly pathology, cross-species phenotype/disease data mining University of Cambridge
Schultz, Katja SchulzK [at] EOL
Sears, Karen ksears [at] Mammalian evolutionary developmental biology University of Illinois
Segerdell, Erik segerdel [at] Anatomy and phenotype ontologies; bioinformatics Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, USA
Selden, Paul selden [at] Arthropods University of Kansas, Lawrence
Seltmann, Katja moon [at] Information extraction from Natural History Collections American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) – New York City, NY
Serb, Jeanne serb [at] EDEN Iowa State University
Sereno, Paul dinosaur [at] Vertebrates University of Chicago, Illinois
Shaukat, Rehan
Shearman, Rebecca rshearman [at] Vertebrates; AmphibAnat Wesleyan University
Sheil, Christopher csheil [at] John Carroll University
Shimoyama, Mary shimoyama [at] Vertebrate traits Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Shoemaker, Randy rcsshoe [at] Plants, SoyBase, soybean ontology Iowa State University
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