RCN Working Group Meeting, 1-3 June 2011


Meeting Notes and Slides

Our first working group meetings are now planned for June 1-3, 2011. The sessions will run concurrently in the same location (Boulder, CO), so that we can benefit immediately from emerging results, group experiences, and our collective synergy. The group themes for this session are:

  • Arthropoda – Charged with identifying and relating anatomical entities common to all insects as well as those shared by all arthropods. This group will also identify current and future consumers of arthropod anatomy ontologies, establish benchmarks and proofs of concept for reasoning, and draft a best practices guide for arthropod anatomy ontology development.
  • Plants – Go through relevant parts of Plant Ontology in order to develop proofs of concept; explore how to make links to homology. Examine existing annotations and determine kinds of info can be extracted. Analyze quantitative data and look for ways to annotate them.
  • Vertebrates – At this meeting the group will focus on initiating new vertebrate ontologies (chick, birds) and work to develop efficient methods for alignment and synchronization across vertebrate ontologies, with a focus on the skeleton.
  • Bioinformatics – Discuss the informatics hurdles, with respect to fine-grained annotation and reasoning, that need to be addressed.

Do you have travel funds and a passion to engage one of these working groups? Contact us about how you can participate!