The Vertebrate Working Group builds on the work of existing efforts such as the Teleost Anatomical Ontology, the Zebrafish Information Network (ZFIN) and its associated Zebrafish Anatomical OntologyXenbase and its associated Xenopus Anatomy and Development Ontology, Mouse Genome Informatics and its associated Mouse Gross Anatomy and Development Ontology, and the Foundational Model of Anatomy. This group builds on the momentum of the Phenoscape, AmphibAnat, and UBERON groups.

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Neural Crest Workshop at NESCent, Feb. 2012.


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Melissa Haendel
(primary contact)
haendel [at]

Judy Blake
Yvonne Bradford
Shane Burgess
Wasila Dahdul
Brian Hall
Terry Hayamizu
Harry Hochheiser
Nizar Ibrahim
Christina James-Zorn
Suzanna Lewis
Paula Mabee
Fiona McCarthy
Peter Midford
Chris Mungall
Lennart Olsson
Virgilio Ponferrada
Radhakrishna Pulikanti
Peter Robinson
Seth Ruffins
Erik Segerdell
Paul Sereno
Christina Wall
Monte Westerfield

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